On 9/16/07, Tom Lane <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Attached is as far as I've gotten with reviewing the HOT patch; I see
> that Pavan is still fooling with it so we'd better re-sync.

I am done with most of the items on my plate. I was not sure how
far you have gone with the patch, so was trying to finish as many
items as possible myself. Now that I know you have started refactoring
the code, I would try not to change it unless its urgent. And when its
required, I will send a add-on patch just the way I did earlier.

Let me know if you want me to focus of something at this point.

> * Many API cleanups, in particular I didn't like what had been done
>   to heap_fetch and thought it better to split out the chain-following
>   logic

I liked those changes. I am wondering if we could have avoided
duplicating the chain following code in heap_hot_search_buffer and
index_getnext. But I trust your judgment.

I also liked the way you reverted the API changes to various index build

I would test the patch tomorrow in detail.


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