Julius Stroffek <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> I rewrote a patch a bit.

This hook seems very strangely defined to me.  Why did you not put the
hook at the point where the current geqo-vs-regular decision is made?
I do not see the value of duplicating the joinlist-expansion logic,
which is what you're going to have to do if you use a hook that replaces
make_rel_from_joinlist.  The only things you could do differently than
it does would be (1) be smarter about full outer joins, which was not
part of the agenda that I heard of, or (2) willfully disregard the
user's from_collapse_limit and join_collapse_limit settings, which
doesn't seem like an amazingly good idea either.

Also, "optimizer_hook" seems nearly content-free as a name for use
in this area; I see no reason why the particular sub-section of the
planner we're discussing here has more title to that name than other
parts.  Something like "join_order_search_hook" might be more

                        regards, tom lane

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