Julius Stroffek <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> Why would you care?  Seems like forcing that to not happen is actively
>> making it stupider.
> To better compare the algorithms and possibly not for final solution at
> the beginning. If we would implement 10 algorithms and want to pickup
> just 3 best ones to be used and throw 7 away.

Well, you could in any case force the same decision to be made in every
invocation, for example by driving it off a GUC variable.  The idea you
have here seems to be "it'll be the same choice in every sub-problem,
only we won't know which one afterwards", which doesn't seem at all
helpful for planner testing purposes.

> Yes, the example in dummy.c is really stupider, but it could be done
> in more clever way.

I think dummy.c kinda proves my point: more than half the code is
accomplishing nothing except to duplicate the behavior of

                        regards, tom lane

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