"Hiroshi Saito" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> Why do you need to #undef EXEC_BACKEND, and is there a specific reason for
>> removing the include of win32.h?

> I put in in order to avoid -D of the Makefile.

If that matters, the problem is that somebody put the wrong stuff in the
wrong include file.  Backend-only things ought to go in postgres.h not
c.h.  In particular this is wrongly placed:

/* EXEC_BACKEND defines */
#define NON_EXEC_STATIC static

but AFAICS it doesn't affect anything that pgbench would care about.
So I'm wondering *exactly* what goes wrong if you don't #undef
EXEC_BACKEND in pgbench.

As for the FRONTEND #define, that seems essential on Windows (and on no
other platform) because port/win32.h uses it.  But putting the #define
into pgbench.c (and by implication into anything else we build on
Windows) sure seems like a broken approach.  Where else could we put it?
It looks like right now that's left to the build system, which might or
might not be a good idea, but if it is a good idea then pgbench must be
getting missed.  Perhaps instead postgres_fe.h should #define FRONTEND?

                        regards, tom lane

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