On Thu, Sep 27, 2007 at 03:21:59PM +0900, Hiroshi Saito wrote:
> Hi.
> >>To be clear: my thought is to put "#define FRONTEND 1" into
> >>postgres_fe.h and then eliminate ad-hoc definitions of it from a
> >>boatload of Makefiles.  A quick grep suggests that the only place this
> >>wouldn't work too well is src/port/, but that could keep on doing what
> >>it's doing.
> I tried it. and this is patch of test. Then, I still think that 
> consideration is required to a slight degree involving port.
> However, This fully satisfied the following tests. (regression test is all 
> pass)
> FreeBSD
> MinGW(gcc)
> MS-VC8
> What do you think? 

I will be offline for most of the time for a couple of days, so it will
probably be until early next week before I can look at this. Just a FYI,
but I'll be happy to look at it as soon as I can.


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