Tom Lane wrote:
Dave Page <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Andrew Dunstan wrote:
Then I think I'd rather disable use of client certs for the offending openssl versions in libpq, or let the apps die and refer the customers to the openssl people to lobby them for a sane solution.

If this were 8.0 I'd agree, but thats not a nice solution for those already using client certs (such as the pgAdmin user who brought this to my attention).

Doesn't really matter.  Even if we were willing to hack our own client
apps like that (which I'm not), we can *not* transfer such a requirement
onto every libpq-using application.  It's just not acceptable.

*We're* not transfering any requirement. I've fixed pgAdmin for example without any need to touch any Postgres code. If you don't want to include the fix (which I can quite understand) it'll just mean that the PG utilities won't work with client certs.


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