Dave Page wrote:
> Dave Page wrote:
>> Dave Page wrote:
>>> I did stumble across this text on a mailing list in response to someone
>>> with a similar problem in some JNI code. I know little of the OpenSSL
>>> API, but perhaps it rings bells with you before I spend my evening
>>> trying to figure it out?
>> OK, I think I've figured out a fix. Working up a patch now...
> Patch attached.

(sorry, been offline for the day)

Is there any reason not to just do this on *all* platforms, and get rid
of all the #ifdefs?

The new code actually seems cleaner to me than what we did before,
really... Since it lets OpenSSL do all the work for it.

> It appears to work fine except that if the client certificate is
> missing, instead of:
> could not open certificate file "C:\Documents and
> Settings\Dave\Application Data/postgresql/postgresql.crt": No such file
> or directory
> I get:
> Error connecting to the server: SSL SYSCALL error: Operation would block
> (0x00002733/10035)
> for reasons that are not clear to me. Any ideas?

I wonder if it might be related to our socket/signal emulation stuff.
I'd be interested to see what happens with the same code on Unix, but
sorry, don't have time to test myself - will be offline again tomorrow :-(


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