Marshall, Steve wrote:
> >The recent TCL patch assumed Tcl_NotifierProcs.initNotifierProc 
> >was added in TCL 8.2:
> >In fact it was added in 8.4 so I have modified the CVS with 
> >the following patch.
> I confirmed this against the 8.2.5 release.  Sorry I did not notice that
> when I initially created the patch.
> While the patch will not work for the earlier releases, it should be
> noted that the multithhreading problem still exists when linking
> postgresql against TCL 8.2 and 8.3 libraries that are compiled with the
> preprocessor symbol TCL_THREADS defined.  Unfortunately, we cannot
> override the initNotifier behavior in those releases, so we don't have a
> workable solution.
> This is probably not a big problem, since TCL was not commonly compiled
> with multithreading enabled prior to 8.4.  However, perhaps there should
> be a warning in the documentation on PL/TCL directing users to avoid
> linking postgresql against TCL libraries earlier than 8.4 that have
> multithreading enabled?

Can you send in a patch against pltcl.sgml?

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