Bruce Momjian wrote:

Marshall, Steve wrote:
The recent TCL patch assumed Tcl_NotifierProcs.initNotifierProc was added in TCL 8.2: In fact it was added in 8.4 so I have modified the CVS with the following patch.
I confirmed this against the 8.2.5 release.  Sorry I did not notice that
when I initially created the patch.

While the patch will not work for the earlier releases, it should be
noted that the multithhreading problem still exists when linking
postgresql against TCL 8.2 and 8.3 libraries that are compiled with the
preprocessor symbol TCL_THREADS defined.  Unfortunately, we cannot
override the initNotifier behavior in those releases, so we don't have a
workable solution.

This is probably not a big problem, since TCL was not commonly compiled
with multithreading enabled prior to 8.4.  However, perhaps there should
be a warning in the documentation on PL/TCL directing users to avoid
linking postgresql against TCL libraries earlier than 8.4 that have
multithreading enabled?

Can you send in a patch against pltcl.sgml?
PL/TCL documentation patch is attached.

*** pltcl.sgml  2007-10-01 08:29:06.667578247 -0400
---      2007-10-01 08:24:41.736708719 -0400
*** 70,75 ****
--- 70,87 ----
      <literal>createlang pltcl <replaceable>dbname</></literal> or
      <literal>createlang pltclu <replaceable>dbname</></literal>.
+    <para>
+     Care should be taken when linking the pltcl shared object code against
+     TCL libraries earlier than the TCL 8.4 release.  The pre-8.4 versions of 
TCL must
+     be built <emphasis>without</emphasis> multithreading support, i.e. with 
+     undefined.  Otherwise, the first use of PL/TCL functions will cause the 
+     backend to become multithreaded, resulting in subsequent "unexpected 
state" errors.  
+     PL/TCL <emphasis>can</emphasis> be safely linked against multithreaded 
versions of the 
+     TCL library for TCL versions 8.4 and later.  In these cases, the pltcl 
source code uses 
+     capabilities introduced in TCL 8.4 to override and disable the 
multithreading behavior.
+     Note that pre-8.4 versions of TCL were rarely built with multithreading 
support in 
+     pre-compiled distributions, so this problem is rather rare.
+    </para>
    <!-- **** PL/Tcl description **** -->
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