On 9/29/07, Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I think we need more than one person's request to add this function.

Well, I don't expect it would get requested.  Most DBAs would likely
look for the function in the docs, see it's not there and then just
implement it themselves.  Obviously it's not critical.  But
anticipating those little requirements and providing for them is one
of the things that makes a piece of software a pleasure to use.
"Batteries included" and all that.

Anyway, I seem to be flogging a horse which, if not dead, is surely
mortally wounded.  If quote_qualified_ident isn't desired, perhaps you
can still use the regression test I included for quote_ident in the
patch.  The test is functional as a standalone item, and seems to fill
a gap.

Thanks for your time,

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