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Greg Sabino Mullane wrote:
> Attached is an updated version of my psql patch that makes the \d
> backslash commands perform in an intuitive, consistent way.
> Specifically, the following objects will be treated as first class
> citizens (as tables and indexes currently are) by showing all the
> non-system objects by default and requiring a "S" to see the system
> ones.
> aggregates
> conversions
> comments
> domains
> operators
> functions
> types
> Currently, there is no way to view all the non-system functions in a
> database using backslash commands, as you can with \dt, unless all of
> the functions happen to be in a single schema ("\df myschema."). With
> this patch, it would be as simple as "\df", and the current behavior
> would be done with "\dfS".
> This patch also adds a few new things to the tab-completion table, such
> as comments and conversions.
> Comments welcome. Last time the patch withered on the vine, despite
> strong support from -general, hence I'm going to try again, as I really
> want a way to view my functions without querying the pg_proc tables
> directly. :)
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