Greg Sabino Mullane wrote:
Attached is an updated version of my psql patch that makes the \d
backslash commands perform in an intuitive, consistent way.
Specifically, the following objects will be treated as first class
citizens (as tables and indexes currently are) by showing all the
non-system objects by default and requiring a "S" to see the system


Currently, there is no way to view all the non-system functions in a
database using backslash commands, as you can with \dt, unless all of
the functions happen to be in a single schema ("\df myschema."). With
this patch, it would be as simple as "\df", and the current behavior
would be done with "\dfS".

Yes, that seems like a good idea. \df in particular has been too noisy
to be usable. Not sure about conversions and domains; I doubt anyone creates custom conversions in practice, and there's no system domains in a standard installation.

Does anyone want to argue that there's a backward-compatibility problem with changing \df? I don't think there is; you shouldn't be using psql backslash commands in an application.

This patch also adds a few new things to the tab-completion table, such
as comments and conversions.

There's a bunch of merge conflicts in the diff.

  Heikki Linnakangas

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