Tom Lane wrote:
Jorgen Austvik - Sun Norway <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
I believe the results paths in line 139 and 144 are missing the @abs_builddir@ qualifier.

I'd put it the other way around: likely we should get rid of the
one use of @[EMAIL PROTECTED]

He, he.

Generally I prefer explicit over implicit (having the full paths make troubleshooting easier), but in this case you have the additional aspect of the lo_import operating relative to the client, while lo_export operates relative to the server. If you remove @abs_builddir@ on the first one, you might e.g. get problems like this:

  SELECT lo_export(loid, 'results/lotest.txt') FROM lotest_stash_values;
  ERROR:  could not create server file "results/lotest.txt": No such
  file or directory


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