Hi all,

This is the continuation to the discussion that we had in the hacker's list.

Here, I like to add some details in 20.2.6. PAM authentication section.

Can someone review and make changes, if required? Thanks.

*** client-auth.sgml.orig       Tue Aug 21 16:52:45 2007
--- client-auth.sgml    Tue Aug 21 17:02:52 2007
*** 987,992 ****
--- 987,1001 ----
    and the <ulink url="http://www.sun.com/software/solaris/pam/";>
    <systemitem class="osname">Solaris</> PAM Page</ulink>.
+    <note>
+     <para>
+      The local UNIX user authentication is not permitted,
+      because the postgres server is started by a non-root user.
+      In order to enable this functionality, the root user must provide
+ additional permissions to the postgres user (for reading /etc/shadow file).
+     </para>
+    </note>

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