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> Remaining work is to review the guts of the patch (which shouldn't take
> long), and write documentation and regression tests. I'm personally
> hoping to see this get into the tree fairly early in the 8.4 cycle,
> pending discussion of course.

Note that as it stands it directly inlines the subquery into the query
everywhere you use it. So if the user was hoping to save database work by
avoiding duplicate subqueries he or she may be disappointed. On the other hand
inlining it can allow the planner to produce better plans.

Tom's feeling at the time was that even though it was providing something from
the standard, it wasn't actually allowing the user to do anything he couldn't
before. If it doesn't provide any additional expressive capabilities then I
think he didn't like taking "with" as a reserved word.

I still hope to do recursive queries for 8.4 so I don't have strong feelings
for this part either way.

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