There is little support for adding this patch without the recursive
part, so I added the URLs for this thread to the TODO list under
recursive queries.


Neil Conway wrote:
> Attached is an updated version of Greg Stark's patch to add support for
> the non-recursive variant of the SQL99 WITH clause[1]. I haven't looked
> at the actual functionality of the patch yet (which is quite trivial) --
> I just fixed up bitrot and the like. I also removed support for
> RECURSIVE and the search/cycle clause, along with their associated
> keywords -- the current patch doesn't approach anything close to adding
> support for the non-recursive case, so it seems like a net loss to add
> additional keywords for no gain in functionality.
> Remaining work is to review the guts of the patch (which shouldn't take
> long), and write documentation and regression tests. I'm personally
> hoping to see this get into the tree fairly early in the 8.4 cycle,
> pending discussion of course.
> -Neil
> [1]

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