I am not seeing my mail getting listed in the archives. So i am just
resending it, in case the above one has got missed.


On Jan 28, 2008 4:14 PM, Gokulakannan Somasundaram <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> Doh!  Can you please send another patch with gram.y as well.  Mine is
> > missing all of the thick index stuff.
> >
> I apologize for the mistake. I am sending the revised patch - generated
> against CVS Head. Thanks for the guidance provided.
> This patch also fixes a bug, which appeared in select count(1) from table
> where varchar_column like 'xx%' kind of queries.
> In order to find out whether the index will be able to answer all the
> where clause conditions, i have put the checks under
> expand_indexqual_conditions function. Please get back, if there is any
> problem with the approach.
> Waiting for feedback...
> Thanks,
> Gokul.

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