Sorry, I don't understand the point of this patch.
However, reality was confirmed.
I use "initdb -E UTF-8 --no-locale"
Gevik-san patch apply it. (So, ja is not contained.)
Were you changeful before and after the correction?
I was thinking about the improvement of other relations.

Hiroshi Saito

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Gevik Babakhani wrote:
Hereby a patch that fixes NLS support on PG 8.3 compiled with MSVC.

Haven't looked into the details of the patch yet, will do so. But the first thing I notice - you say this is only for MSVC, right? But the patch will also change the behaviour for the mingw build. Since you say you haven't tested on it, does the documentation imply that it would work on mingw, or is this likely to break that build? Perhaps it should be made conditional on MSVC only, and not on WIN32?


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