> Haven't looked into the details of the patch yet, will do so. 
> But the first thing I notice - you say this is only for MSVC, 
> right? But the patch will also change the behaviour for the 
> mingw build. Since you say you haven't tested on it, does the 
> documentation imply that it would work on mingw, or is this 
> likely to break that build? Perhaps it should be made 
> conditional on MSVC only, and not on WIN32?

Thinking about the above... It is a good idea to have something like this be
compiled only for MSVC. 
I guess we have to add an additional preprocessor directive from mkvcbuild
to the solution (what about MSVC_COMPILER?)

I am installing mingw to test the patch there. Chances are it will break
because mingw does __declspec(dllimport) differently than msvc


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