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Zdenek Kotala <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
I attach fix for --help output. I replaced --NAME... with -NAME and add some example. getopt parse -- as a end of options and rest of line is not parsed.

Surely this is outright wrong.  Or if you do have a getopt that acts
that way, the bug is that we are using it rather than one that acts
the way we want.

Ah, sorry it really does not work.

However, I get following error on Solaris:

bash-3.2$ /usr/postgres/8.2/bin/postgres -D /tmp/db --share_buffers=16000
/usr/postgres/8.2/bin/postgres: illegal option -- share_buffers=16000
Try "postgres --help" for more information.

but following command works fine:

/usr/postgres/8.2/bin/postgres -D /tmp/db -c shared_buffers=16000

By my opinion problem is in getopt which interprets -- as a end of options list.

Guideline 10

It maybe work on linux but I think it is not portable solution.

-- on its own might indicate the end of arguments, but that's quite different from --foo=bar. Guideline 10 of the above surely only refers to -- as an entire argument, not to -- as the first two characters of an argument. If your getopt treats *any* -- as the end of options then I think it is broken (complain to your vendor ;-) ). And the answer is known - use the one we have in src/port.

You are not correct (I pointed to wrong Guidline). If you look to Guidline 3 it specific only alphanumeric character. And you can read "The implementation may accept other characters as an extension." in

It means that Solaris implementation is OK. Linux uses some extensions but it is not portable. If we want to use long options. We have getop_long for it.


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