Alvaro Herrera wrote:
Robert Lor wrote:

My concern is that when we start adding more probes (not just the backend), we will have to add the following 5 lines in .c files that use the Dtrace macros. This seems intrusive and messy to me instead of in a centralized place like c.h. What are the disadvantages for keeping the way it is now?

#include "utils/probes.h"
#include "utils/probes_null.h"

Why can't this block be centralized in probes.h?
probes.h is auto generated and it can certainly be massaged to include the above logic, but I'd like to avoid doing that if possible.

The thinking initially was to make this tracing feature more like a "framework" and make it as simple as possible to add new probes and as un-intrusive as possible, that's why I thought and still think that putting the includes in c.h makes sense, unless there are obvious disadvantages I'm not aware of.


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