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Zdenek Kotala wrote:
> I attach patch which adds boundaries check and memory overwriting 
> protection when compressed data are corrupted.
> Current behavior let code overwrite a memory and after that check if 
> unpacked size is same as expected value. In this case elog execution 
> fails (at least on Solaris - malloc has corrupted structures) and no 
> message appears in a log file.
> I did not add any extra information into the message. Reasonable 
> solution seems to be use errcontext how was recommended by Alvaro. But I 
> 'm not sure if printtup is good place for it, because pg_detoast is 
> called from many places. However, is can be solved in separate patch.
> I'm also think that this modification should be backported to other 
> version too.
>               Thanks Zdenek

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