Zdenek Kotala <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> I attach patch which adds boundaries check and memory overwriting 
> protection when compressed data are corrupted.

Applied with revisions --- it appeared to me that it got the corner case
wrong where we find a tag just at the end of the input but there's no
room for the output.  We'd fall out of the loop and then the error
test would think all is well.

> I did not add any extra information into the message. Reasonable 
> solution seems to be use errcontext how was recommended by Alvaro. But I 
> 'm not sure if printtup is good place for it, because pg_detoast is 
> called from many places. However, is can be solved in separate patch.

I'm still unconvinced that that's worth any added complexity or

                        regards, tom lane

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