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Zdenek Kotala <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Tom Lane napsal(a):
These examples suggest that maybe what we want is not so much a "no
segments ever" mode as a segment size larger than 1GB.

PS: ZFS is happy with 2^64bit size and UFS has 1TB file size limit (depends on solaris version)

So even on Solaris, "no segments ever" is actually a pretty awful idea.
As it stands, the code would fail on tables > 1TB.

I'm thinking we need to reconsider this patch.  Rather than disabling
segmentation altogether, we should see it as allowing use of segments
larger than 1GB.  I suggest that we ought to just flat rip out the "non
segmenting" code paths in md.c, and instead look into what segment sizes
are appropriate on different platforms.

Yes, agree. It seems only ZFS is OK at this moment and if somebody sets 32TB he gets nonsegment mode anyway. I looked into posix standard and there is useful function which can be used. See

Maybe we can put additional test into configure and collect appropriate data from buildfarm.

I think current patch could stay in CVS and I will rip out non segment code path in a new patch.


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