Peter Eisentraut napsal(a):
Zdenek Kotala wrote:
But how it was mentioned in this thread maybe
somethink like this "CREATE TABLESPACE name LOCATION '/my/location'
SEGMENTS 10GB" should good solution. If segments is not mentioned then
default value is used.

I think you would need a tool to resegmentize a table or tablespace offline, usable for example when recovering a backup.

Do you mean something like strip(1) command? I don't see any usecase for terrabytes data. You usually have a problem to find place where you can backup.

Also, tablespace configuration information is of course also stored in a table. pg_tablespace probably won't become large, but it would probably still need to be special-cased, along with other system catalogs perhaps.

It is true and unfortunately singularity. Same as database list which is in a table as well, but it is stored also as a text file for startup purpose. I more incline to use non table configuration file for tablespaces, because I don't see any advantage to have it under MVCC control and it allow also to define storage for pg_global and pg_default.

An then, how to coordindate offline resegmenting and online tablespace operations in a crash-safe way?

Another factor I just thought of is that tar, commonly used as part of a backup procedure, can on some systems only handle files up to 8 GB in size. There are supposed to be newer formats that can avoid that restriction, but it's not clear how widely available these are and what the incantation is to get at them. Of course we don't use tar directly, but if we ever make large segments the default, we ought to provide some clear advice for the user on how to make their backups.

I think tar is OK - minimal on Solaris. See man largefile.

Default segment size still should be 1GB. If DBA makes a decision to increase this to higher value, then it is his responsibility to find way how to process this big files.


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