On 23/03/2008, Tom Lane <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Working through this patch now.  I found one thing that seems to be
>  a mistake (probably an overenthusiastic search&replace): the patch
>  changes
>  -       {"iy", 2, dch_date, DCH_IY, TRUE},
>  to
>  +       {"iyear", 2, DCH_IY, TRUE},
>  The removal of dch_date is intended, but surely the keyword should
>  still be "iy".  I'm proceeding on that assumption, but if this change
>  was actually intended, please explain.

Nice catch.  Not sure how that got in there, but your theory about a
search & replace gone awry seems the most likely.

Now that the functions have been refactored, I'm looking forward to
getting back into improving the sanity checking in to_date.


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