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Do we really want such a thing?

Well, i use aliases everytime and everywhere they got implemented and i found it quite useful to _extend_ existing behavior (integrating additional functionality in an easy way)

The space of backslash command names
is so densely populated already that it's hard to imagine creating
aliases without conflicting with existing (or future) command names

I often found existing backslash command sometimes overloaded or simply not providing information i really need (for example, an easy way to get information about current locales, encoding and user settings). You simply can't catch all requirements DBA's and users want within a all-catching implementation. Using this way, users are able to implement their own command shortcuts

Overriding existing backslash commands (as my first example shows) is only an implementation-specific detail which could easily forbidden. However, defining your own shortcuts for your psql-sessions looks quite useful to me, like my 2nd example tries to illustrate.

It seems like mostly a recipe for confusion.

So what? This could happen in every shell that supports aliases as well. I don't get your point...?



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