Am Donnerstag, 3. April 2008 schrieb Gregory Stark:
> To be more explicit what I meant was someone doing
> #= \alias old select version();
> ...
> #= \oldd
> <oops>
> #= \old
> #= select 'where is all my output going?'
> #= select 'what happened to my ldd file?'

This is a valid concern, but it is orthogonal to the alias feature.  You have 
the same problem already if you mistype

\oo instead of \o
\ofoo instead of \obar
\o instead of \p
\oset instead of \pset

or even more amusingly

\o foo instead of \i foo -- check your keyboard layout

and so on.

If you want to guard against typos, you need to remove the \o command in its 
current form.  Prohibiting the addition of new commands, by whichever means, 
is not going to help.  And we have never had a policy or real analysis 
whether new or existing commands are typo-proof.

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