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> "Brendan Jurd" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> If I read Greg's latter proposal correctly, he was suggesting
>> \df Lists all user functions
>> \df [pattern] Lists both system and user functions matching [pattern]
>> \df * Lists all system and user functions
> Hmm, I must've misread it, because I didn't understand it quite like
> that.  That seems like a nice simple minimal-featuritis approach.

Sorry if was confusing but yes, that is what I intended by my second proposal.
I prefer it to my own first proposal or any of the others.

I admit I was thinking primarily of non-globbing cases for pattern. As in, I
would want \df rtrim to "work". I suppose it could be annoying to have to type
\df public.* -- there's nothing stopping us from having \dfU and \dfS too I
suppose, though I doubt most people would find them.

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