Not to be opened before May 1st!

I know I should still be looking at code from the March Commitfest but I was
annoyed by this *very* FAQ: 

This also came up at the UKUUG-Pg conference so it was already on my mind. I
couldn't resist playing with it and trying to solve this problem.

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I'm not sure what the right way to get the data back to psql would be.
Probably it should be something other than what it's doing now, an INFO
message. It might even be a special message type? Also need some thought about
what progress info could be reported in other situations aside from the
executor. VACUUM, for example, could report its progress pretty easily.

To use it run a long query in psql and hit C-\ in (unless you're on a system
with SIGINFO support such as BSD where the default will probably be C-t).

But no reviewing it until we finish with the March patches! 
Do as I say, not as I do :(

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  Gregory Stark
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