I like this idea in general. I'm envisioning a cool explain display in pgAdmin that's updated live, as the query is executed, showing how many tuples a seq scan in the bottom, and an aggregate above it, has processed. Drool.

Currently the interface is that you open a new connection, and signal the backend using the same mechanism as a query cancel. That's fine for the interactive psql use case, but seems really heavy-weight for the pgAdmin UI I'm envisioning. You'd have to poll the server, opening a new connection each time. Any ideas on that? How about a GUC to send the information automatically every n seconds, for example?

Other than that, this one seems to be the most serious issue:

Tom Lane wrote:
Gregory Stark <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
There are downsides:

Insurmountable ones at that.  This one already makes it a non-starter:

a) the overhead of counting rows and loops is there for every query execution,
even if you don't do explain analyze.

I wouldn't be surprised if the overhead of the counters turns out to be a non-issue, but we'd have to see some testing of that. InstrEndLoop is the function we're worried about, right?

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