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Dirty region of database was probably larger than disk controller's cache.

Might be worthwhile to run with log_checkpoints on and collect some statistics there next time you're running these tests. It's a good habit to get other testers into regardless; it's nice to be able to say something like "during the 15 checkpoints encountered during this test, the largest dirty area was 516MB while the median was 175MB".

Hmm, but I think we need to copy buffer tags into bgwriter's local memory
in order to avoid locking taga many times in the sorting. Is it better to
allocate sorting buffers at the first time and keep and reuse it from then on?

That what I was thinking: allocate the memory when the background writer starts and just always have it there, the allocation you're doing is always the same size. If it's in use 50% of the time anyway (which it is if you have checkpoint_completion_target at its default), why introduce the risk that an allocation will fail at checkpoint time? Just allocate it once and keep it around.

It is 0.25% of shared buffers; when shared_buffers is set to 10GB,
it takes 25MB of process local memory.

Your numbers are probably closer to correct. I was being pessimistic about the size of all the integers just to demonstrate that it's not really a significant amount of memory even if they're large.

If we want to consume less memory for it, RelFileNode in BufferTag could be hashed and packed into an integer

I personally don't feel it's worth making the code any more complicated than it needs to be just to save a fraction of a percent of the total memory used by the buffer pool.

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