Alvaro Herrera <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Tom Lane wrote:
>> Since they're v0, they'd have to explicitly know about the pass-by-ref
>> status of float4.

> Well, the previous code was doing some pallocs, and the new code is not:

[ shrug... ]  So, you missed something.

>> Did this patch include a compile-time choice of whether things could
>> remain pass-by-ref?  I rather imagine that some people out there will
>> prefer to stay that way instead of fix their old v0 code.

> Hmm, nope.  Do we really need that?

Given that we *have to* handle a compile-time choice for whether float8
is pass-by-ref, I should think that allowing a similar choice for float4
is perfectly sensible and not really more work (it'll just be a second
instance of the same code pattern).

I'm not at all sure it made sense to apply this portion of the patch

                        regards, tom lane

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