Simon Riggs wrote:
> Patch applies, and works as described. Looks good for final apply.
> Few minor thoughts:
> * Text in pg_ctl should be WARNING, not Warning.
> * CancelBackup() API looks strange, not sure why
> * Need to mention that CancelBackup() is not the right way to end a
> backup, so that function and pg_stop_backup should reference 
> each other
> Other than those, I like it. Very useful patch.

Thanks for the feedback!

- I have replaced "Warning" with WARNING".
- I have changed the API of CancelBackup() to return void.
  I don't use the return code anyway, and I guess it's less confusing
  and "strange" that way.
- I have added comments to disambiguate pg_stop_backup() and CancelBackup().

CancelBackup now writes a message to the server log if it cannot delete
backup_label - I hope that's not too verbose...

Laurenz Albe

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