Albe Laurenz wrote:
> Tom Lane wrote:
> > I concur that the messages added to pg_ctl are bizarrely formatted.
> > Why would you put a newline in the middle of a sentence, when you
> > could equally well emit something like
> > 
> > WARNING: online backup mode is active.
> > Shutdown will not complete until pg_stop_backup() is called.
> > 
> > While we're on the subject, the messages added to xlog.c do not
> > follow the style guidelines: in particular, errdetail should be
> > a complete sentence, and the WARNING is trying to stuff independent
> > thoughts into one message.  I'd probably do
> > 
> > errmsg("online backup mode cancelled"),
> > errdetail("\"%s\" was renamed to \"%s\".", ...
> > 
> > errmsg("online backup mode was not cancelled"),
> > errdetail("Failed to rename \"%s\" to \"%s\": %m", ...
> Attached is a patch that changes the messages along these lines.
> Thanks!

Hmm. I've preivously been told not to use "Failed to" but instead use
"Could not"... Didn't notice that Tom used the other one in his

Tom (or someone else) - can you comment on if I misunderstood that
recommendation earlier, or if it still holds? I'll hold back a commit
until someone has commented on it :-)

Also, from this patch, you removed the %m part - I have re-added that
before commit.

(I will not for now comment on the rest of the mail, I'll leave that to


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