Bruce Momjian wrote:
> Bryce Nesbitt wrote:
> > Bruce Momjian wrote:
> > > I have updated the documentation for this patch.  I consider it ready to
> > > apply.  I think it is as close to a middle ground as we are going to
> > > get.  Further adjustment will have to happen when we have more reports
> > > from the field.
> >
> > I heard a pretty compelling argument to make "wrapped" part of "aligned",
> > and thus I think the patch  is ready to go only after adjusting the
> > user-facing syntax:

I think this is what makes the most sense of what I've seen so far.
Wrapped is a special case of aligned anyway (there's no "wrapped
unaligned" or "wrapped HTML" for example, nor would we want there to

> > Output format is aligned, no wrapping.
> > 
> > \pset format aligned autowrap
> > Output format is aligned, with automatic wrapping to the window width for 
> > terminals.
> > 
> > \pset format aligned 80
> > Output format is aligned, with a target width of 80 characters.

> Uh, well, we can do that, though looking at the psql code \pset only
> wants two arguments.

I think that could be fixed easily by having the syntax be something

\pset format aligned:80
\pset format aligned:autowrap


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