Andrew Chernow <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Which callback do we use as the key?  Currently, none are required (only 
> the name was required).  We have to choose one callback that must be 
> provided.

What?  I thought what you wanted back was the void * pointer that had
been registered with a particular callback function.  So you use that
callback function.  If it's not actually registered, you get a NULL.

> This is what is passed to PQaddObjectHooks, along with a conn:

This is all wrong IMHO, not least because it creates ABI problems if you
want to add another hook type later.  Register each hook separately, eg

typedef void (*PGCRHook) (PGconn *conn, void *passthrough);

void PQregisterConnResetHook(PGconn *conn, PQCRHook func, void *passthrough);

... repeat for each possible hook ...

                        regards, tom lane

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