Merlin Moncure wrote:
Also, even if varargs are safe they'd be notationally unpleasant
in the extreme.  varargs are just a PITA to work with --- you'd have
to do all the decoding in the first-level hook routine, even for
items you weren't going to use.  With something like the above
all you need is a switch() and some pointer casts.

Switch, plus struct (basically a union) will do the trick nicely.  Can
it be a formal union, or is it better as a void*?

The main issue was how what we called the 'hook data' was passed back
and forth.  We'll get a patch up.

All of this is getting quite a long way from what was in the commitfest queue. Do we still want to try to get this in this cycle, or should it be marked returned to author for more work?



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