Tom Lane wrote:

typedef void (*PGeventProc) (PGeventId eventId, const void *eventInfo,
                             void *passthrough);

int PQregisterEventProc(PGconn *conn, PGeventProc proc, void *passthrough);

The above prototypes will work and we will add our 'event instance pointer' to the event info structures. Should have a patch shortly.

libpqtypes doesn't need a passthrough/user-pointer. The object events/hooks allocate memory when the object is created "part of a conn/result object instance", it is not supplied by the API user registering the event/hook callback.

I think this is where some confusion has been occurring, there are two different pointers: user pointer and event instance pointer.

BTW, PQeventData and PQresultEventData return the event instance pointer, not the passthrough. At least that is how we were using these functions, being how our previous patches do not include a passthrough/user-pointer feature because libpqtypes didn't need it.

Andrew Chernow
eSilo, LLC
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