Andrew Chernow <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> 4. add a setter for result instance data
>    - There should also be a PQsetInstanceData(PGconn*, ...)
>    - I see no need for a passThrough setter

Check, though I assume we're not expecting PQsetInstanceData to
propagate to previously created PGresults?

> 5. move callback stuff to its own header, maybe pgcallback.h?

Should be libpq-something.  I was considering libpq-hooks.h or
libpq-events.h, but libpq-callback.h would be OK too.

> Adding PQresultSetInstanceData doesn't removes the need for a resultcreate 
> callback event.

No, of course not.  What I was imagining was that the resultcreate
callback would call PQresultSetInstanceData.

                        regards, tom lane

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