Tom Lane wrote:
Andrew Chernow <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
4. add a setter for result instance data
   - There should also be a PQsetInstanceData(PGconn*, ...)
   - I see no need for a passThrough setter

Check, though I assume we're not expecting PQsetInstanceData to
propagate to previously created PGresults?

No, not at all. Already created results are on their own. If you want to modify the instanceData, you can use PQresultSetInstanceData.

5. move callback stuff to its own header, maybe pgcallback.h?

Should be libpq-something.  I was considering libpq-hooks.h or
libpq-events.h, but libpq-callback.h would be OK too.

I like events. It sounds like you wanted PGCallback, although I am starting to think PGEventProc is better than PGcallback, only because it is more consistent with the term events.

BTW, my suggestion to call this libpq events was not directly referring to the callback/proc. It was a term for describing the whole #! I think the idea is to notify interested parties about libpq events, the callback is just an implementaion for doing that.

Adding PQresultSetInstanceData doesn't removes the need for a resultcreate callback event.

No, of course not.  What I was imagining was that the resultcreate
callback would call PQresultSetInstanceData.

Sorry, my mistake.  You were actually very clear, my reading skills are in 

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