Tom Lane wrote:
Davy Durham <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
So, if this patch is not acceptable as-is, what would you feel about
this: I could enhance the -t/--table=NAME option to accept more than a
        simple NAME.  Rather it could accept something in the form:
                --table=<table_name>:<where-clause expression>

Well, that would at least address the complaint that it doesn't scale
to multiple tables, but the whole thing still seems like a frammish
that will never see enough use to justify maintaining it.

(BTW, what will you do with a table whose name contains a colon?)


ISTM this would be better off waiting until we turn large parts of pg_dump into a library, as has been often discussed, at which point it should be relatively simple to write a custom client to do what the OP wants. I agree that it does not at all belong in pg_dump.



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