Tom Lane wrote:

> 2. I had first dismissed Neil's idea of transactional sequence updates
> as impossible, but on second look it could be done.  Suppose RESTART
> IDENTITY does this for each sequence;
>       * obtain AccessExclusiveLock;
>       * assign a new relfilenode;
>       * insert a sequence row with all parameters copied except
>         last_value copies start_value;
>       * hold AccessExclusiveLock till commit.

Hmm, this kills the idea of moving sequence data to a single
non-transactional catalog :-(

> So what I think we should do is leave the patch there, revise the
> warning per Neil's complaint, and add a TODO item to reimplement RESTART
> IDENTITY transactionally.

I think the TODO item did not make it, but the docs do seem updated.

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