Simon Riggs wrote:
Patch implements

* recommendation to use GnuWin32 cp on Windows
* provide "holdtime" delay, default 0 (on all platforms)
* default stays same on Windows="copy" to ensure people upgrading don't
get stung

This seems pretty kludgey to me. I wouldn't want to install GnuWin32 utilities on a production system just for the "cp" command, and I don't know how I would tune holdtime properly for using "copy". And it seems risky to have defaults that are known to not work reliably.

How about implementing a replacement function for "cp" ourselves? It seems pretty trivial to do. We could use that on Unixes as well, which would keep the differences between Win32 and other platforms smaller, and thus ensure the codepath gets more testing.

(Sorry for jumping into the discussion so late, I didn't follow this thread earlier, and just read it now in the archives while looking at the patch.)

  Heikki Linnakangas

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