On Tue, 2008-07-01 at 13:44 +0300, Heikki Linnakangas wrote:
> Simon Riggs wrote:
> > Patch implements
> > 
> > * recommendation to use GnuWin32 cp on Windows
> > * provide "holdtime" delay, default 0 (on all platforms)
> > * default stays same on Windows="copy" to ensure people upgrading don't
> > get stung
> This seems pretty kludgey to me. I wouldn't want to install GnuWin32 
> utilities on a production system just for the "cp" command, and I don't 
> know how I would tune holdtime properly for using "copy". And it seems 
> risky to have defaults that are known to not work reliably.
> How about implementing a replacement function for "cp" ourselves? It 
> seems pretty trivial to do. We could use that on Unixes as well, which 
> would keep the differences between Win32 and other platforms smaller, 
> and thus ensure the codepath gets more testing.
> (Sorry for jumping into the discussion so late, I didn't follow this 
> thread earlier, and just read it now in the archives while looking at 
> the patch.)

If you've heard complaints about any of this from users, I haven't.
AFAIK we're doing this because it *might* cause a problem. Bear in mind
that link is the preferred performance option, not copy. So AFAICS we're
tuning a secondary option on one specific port, without it being a
raised issue and in an area of code that will be superceded in the next

So further embellishments would be a long way down my own priority list,
putting it politely. Yet I have no objections to the suggestion overall;
we have done that already for alter tablespace.

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