Robert Treat wrote:
On Thursday 03 July 2008 14:01:22 Tom Lane wrote:
Garick Hamlin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
        I have a patch that I have been using to support postgresql's
notion of ident authentication when using unix domain sockets on
Solaris.  This patch basically just adds support for using
getupeercred() on Solaris so unix sockets and ident auth works just
like it does on Linux and elsewhere.

Hmm... I've always been told that Solaris didn't support this because the Solaris developers feel that IDENT is inherently insecure. If that is more than just a philosphical opinion, I wonder if there should be additional hurdles in place to enable this on that platform. Note that isn't an objection from me, though I'm curious if any of the Sun guys want to chime in on this.

We don't actually use the Ident protocol for Unix sockets on any platform. AIUI, this patch just implements what we do on platforms like Linux or *BSD.



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