Josh Berkus wrote:

Indeed.  If the Solaris folk feel that getupeercred() is insecure,
 they had better explain why their kernel is that broken.  This is
entirely unrelated to the known shortcomings of the "ident" IP protocol.

The Solaris security & kernel folks do, actually. However, there's no question that TRUST is inherently insecure, and that's what people
 are going to use if they can't get IDENT to work.

I'd be *very* interested in how they come to that assessment. I'd have
thought that the only alternative to getpeereid/getupeercred is
password-based or certificate-based authenticated - which seem *less*
secure because a) they also rely on the client having the correct uid
or gid (to read the password/private key), plus b) the risk of the
password/private key getting into the wrong hands.

How is that sort of authenticated handled by services shipping with solaris?

regards, Florian Pflug, hoping to be enlightened beyond his limited
posix-ish view of the world...

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