I agree with adding these options in general, since I find myself
  frustrated by having to vi huge dumps to change simple schema things.
  A couple of comments on the patch though:

  - Conflicting option handling
    I think we are doing our users a disservice by putting it on them to
        figure out exactly what:
        multiple object groups cannot be used together
        means to them.  You and I may understand what an "object group" is,
        and why there can be only one, but it's a great deal less clear than
        the prior message of
        options -s/--schema-only and -a/--data-only cannot be used together
        My suggestion would be to either list out the specific options which
        can't be used together, as was done previously, or add a bit of (I
        realize, boring) code and actually tell the user which of the
        conflicting options were used.

  - Documentation
        When writing the documentation I would stress that "pre-schema" and
        "post-schema" be defined in terms of PostgreSQL objects and why they
        are pre vs. post.

  - Technically, the patch needs to be updated slightly since another
        pg_dump-related patch was committed recently which also added
        options and thus causes a conflict.

  Beyond those minor points, the patch looks good to me.



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