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> Perhaps this is up for some debate, but I find the documentation added
> for these options to be lacking the definitions I was looking for, and
> the explanation of why they are what they are.  I'm also not sure I
> agree with the "Pre-Schema" and "Post-Schema" nomenclature as it doesn't
> really fit with the option names or what they do.  Would you consider:

Will reword.

> Even this doesn't cover everything though- it's too focused on tables
> and data loading.  Where do functions go?  What about types?

Yes, it is focused on tables and data loading. What about
functions/types? No relevance here.

>   - The command-line help hasn't been updated.  Clearly, that also needs
>       to be done to consider the documentation aspect complete.
>   - There appears to be a bit of mistakenly included additions.  The
>     patch to pg_restore.sgml attempts to add in documentation for
>       --superuser.  I'm guessing that was unintentional, and looks like
>       just a mistaken extra copy&paste.

Thanks, will do.

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