Tom Lane wrote:
"David Rowley" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Tom Lane wrote:
Hmm.  B-M-H has worst case search speed O(M*N) (where M = length of
pattern, N = length of search string); whereas full B-M is O(N). Maybe we
should build the second table when M is large?

I'll look into this. If it pays off for longer searches I'll submit a patch.
I won't have the time until after the 15th, so perhaps that's in November's
commit fest?

Yes.  Let's get B-M-H in during this fest and then you can look into
whether a follow-on patch is worthwhile.


Also, it would be nice to use B-M(-H) for LIKE as well. That's a different codepath, but probably more widely used than textpos and frients. I haven't looked how feasible it would be to do, though.

  Heikki Linnakangas

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